Beauty in the Chaos
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30" x 40"x 1.5" mixed media on canvas.


This painting is an abstract representation of the Beauty that happens in the midst of our everyday lives. I have been quick to harshly judge myself when I feel inadequate, frustrated, or overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of everyday life.  However, I am learning to not equate Life with my life situations, but rather embrace everything without judgement. What seems like chaos is just an invitation into the Truth that already resides within me. I can choose to see beauty in everything.


The palette of this offering is shades of rich maroon, multiple hues of purples and mauve, corals, deep olive greens, golds, grays, and creamy whites. There are bursts of metallic copper luminescence that accentuate the depth of color. This abstract boasts incredible texture and incorporates other mediums including charcoal and modeling paste. 

Beauty in the Chaos

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