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We are so excited to be offering this AMAZING 13 week Bible study titled, Hope -

The Great Expectation!  


All of us have dealt with hopelessness at times in our lives.  In this study, we will go on a journey together to learn about Biblical Hope vs. Worldly Hope.  We will dive into God's Word and begin to lay the foundations necessary to live a victorious Christian life. Hope is really, in it's most basic form, pre-natal faith (Hebrews 11:1), so we will be likening the different stages of hope to the 3 stages of pregnancy.  It is a phenomenal series that will leave you forever changed!  


We are tentatively planning on beginning our first session in mid-September.  Please sign up here so we can email you when we have all the details solidified!  We are also hoping to webcast this series for those who cannot attend in person.  Please let us know if morning or evening sessions work best for you.


There will be a $10 fee to cover the cost of the Course Notebook.  


We will be planning on having soaking/ministry time at the end of each session!


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