"Remembering Spring Creek" -- Acrylic painting measuring 6" x 6" x 1.5". Matte Varnish.


Inspiration for this painting -- The tranquil, calming sound of frigid Spring Creek, which many a hot summer’s day would become our swimming pool, if we so dared. Then as summer so gracefully faded into autumn, the ‘back 40’ became a spectacular show. Fields dancing with Goldenrod, and the crisp, cool wind whistling through those hills of oak, beech, chestnut, and maple that had been so vibrantly adorned in every shade of yellow, orange and red you could ever imagine.


Then as winter would bring its blankets of white, Dad would load us up on the tractor with our makeshift sleds, and those hills would become an adventure that left us exhausted and exhilarated all at once. He’d hunt for the perfect cedar that would diffuse its intoxicating aroma through our drafty yellow house all through Christmas season, and the comfort of mom’s homemade hot cocoa would await us when we returned to decorate our humble Kramer tree. Each season left its subtle yet distinct imprint on my childhood.


The glorious grandeur of the Tennessee hills was a 360 scape of such stillness that daily reassured me that I was surrounded in safety, and life as I knew it was simple and perfect. I still dream of driving that dusty, mile-long, gravel road sometimes that led to the home that now is shaping a new generation’s life, and I just drink in the Presence that anchored my soul for all those years. - Laura Rhinehart

Remembering Spring Creek

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