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"Lost. Found. 

All in one breath.

I let go and realized.

Pain is a close companion.

Chaos, my trusted friend.

Yet, deep within the NOW 

Is the path that beckons me deeper

Into the Beauty of Stillness. 

And once again,I find myself anew, perfect, free.

Rest. Rest, little one. You are safe here."

I vividly remember when I began working on this painting, titled, "Rest". It was a few years ago, and it was my first commissioned painting after my dad passed away in 2015. I had such a hard time at first with the client's requests for colors. I found myself striving to create something and everyday I ended up more frustrated because I wasn't getting into a creative flow. 

I remember hearing a voice inside that simply said, "Rest, you need to just rest." So instead of "trying" to be creative, I would just sit in the quietness until I felt that Peace flowing from my being.  It was very transformative for me. And since then, I have continued to create in this way. It's not about trying to crank out tons of art for me. It's about that deep place of connection and space that yields the work that wants to be revealed.


This original painting has been my most requested print in the last 6 years, and I'm happy to say that it is now available! 




I started this collection over a year ago, pre-pandemic, having no idea of what the proceeding months would bring in our world. I feel, as many of you, like my whole life has been upended. I've come to so many realizations about myself, my beliefs, my core values in the midst of the fires burning all around us. 


Rebirth, to me, is an awareness that the present moment is all there is, and everything that I need is contained in it. It is a deep knowing that as I accept what is, right here and now, that everything will be as it needs to be. Each moment is an opportunity to be reborn, to experience Life, the fullness of Life in every life situation. 

Flowers...nature in general, but flowers especially speak to me about the power of being. Flowers do not need to know their name, they do not care if you see them or not, they just ARE. They embody total yielding to what is, and their beauty, essence, and even their fragrance emanate without any need or desire to be anything better or greater.


This is how I desire to live. To not be caught up in whether someone sees me or accepts me, to not be concerned with always trying to be better or do more or acquire more things. I simply want to Live, fully engulfed in the Loving Awareness that is the very essence of Life Itself. And whatever comes out of this moment, I simply want to be here for it. 

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