This is a portion of my portfolio of SOLD works. If you are interested in having a commission piece done for your space, and you see an image you really resonate with, message me with name of painting, and I will send you my commission guidelines. 

Out of the Gray - SOLD
After the Long Winter - SOLD
Enough - SOLD
Rest - SOLD
Into the Depths - SOLD
Dreaming of Provence - SOLD
Beyond the Surface - SOLD
In Love with Life - SOLD
Peace in the Darkness - SOLD
Yellow Melodies - SOLD
Unafraid - SOLD
Space to Be - SOLD
Reaching for the Sun - SOLD
Joy I & II - SOLD
Discovering Stillness - SOLD
Found - SOLD
Hope's Horizon - SOLD
Autumn's Reflection - SOLD
Faith's Blooming - SOLD
Illumination - SOLD

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