"The Vibrancy of Being" -- Measures 20" x 60" x 1.75"-- mixed media on canvas. Multiple layers of texture and collage elements.  Sides are painted a light neutral gray, ready to hang. Sold WITHOUT frame. FREE SHIPPING IN CONTINENTAL US.  If you live locally or within 3 hours of Franklin, TN, will deliver to you in person, $100 will be discounted from price. 


"In the Light of Presence...I am. 

There is no resistance to the nourishing Life-Giving energy that IS the essence of my being.

All that I have need of IS, there is no asking or begging for it. 

I simply rest in Beingness, and all is as it should be. 

When I accept myself, the Beauty and Vibrancy of Life shines uninhibited through all my forms, and the roles I play in this life on earth are ever radiating this Truth. "

© Laura Rhinehart. 2020.


The Vibrancy of Being


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