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Wow!   What can I say?  There are not words to express my gratitude for this album, Hidden!
It has soothed a very weary soldier and given me peace & joy.  As a worshipper these songs minister to me so deeply.
The words of “Waste it All” just make me fall down weeping and worshiping at His feet – thank you, thank you Laura!
The last 6 years have been an extremely hard journey and this album alone gives me so much hope.
May God’s richest blessings overtake you  & consume you as you continue to go deeper.   
~ Leanne from  New Zealand

I just want to say thank you so much for the song, "This is My Cry" (from your new CD).  I'm a member of Spotify, and because of the way you can search for songs by artist, track, or album, I had done a search on soaking and came up with your soaking room cd's, but then I found Hidden. Your song just wrecked me!  I was at work and basically just face down on my desk, and couldn't wait to get to the car and blast it through the speakers and sing at the top of my lungs.

But what I found was that it became not only a cry, but a very deep groaning that when I would sing the chorus, it would come out as travail and weeping.  I couldn't even articulate the words at one point,I was just making this sound out of myself.  I can't thank you enough, what's been in my heart for so long has been put to music and words.   ~ Mary from New York, USA

Laura....I played your song, "Where Shadows Passed", in two counseling sessions today with female clients who needed to sit and soak in the truths you sang about.  I cannot begin to tell you how your words and your tender voice was used today in my office to wash over these precious women.  It was like you were my co-counselor today, and I hadn't read the backstory of the song until now which has me understanding more why there is such an anointing on this song.  Thank you so much for your surrendered obedience in writing it and sharing it.    ~ Michelle from Virginia, USA



I was at a conference where Laura was ministering, and my life was seriously "interrupted", and forever changed, there.  I had an encounter that I was giving a testimony about, and I started weeping while standing in the back of the downstairs meeting room. The whole group of people pretty much started crying, too.  Shortly after that, Laura sang a song "over" me that causes me to sob to this day. (A friend captured a snippet of it on her camera's video and I now have that "blurb" on a DVD).  I truly wish I could access the full song, as it has continued to minister to a most WOUNDED part of me that I thought would never be soothed. I have never had an experience (or experiences) such as I had there, and will forever, FOREVER, treasure the gift the Lord shared with me through Laura.  My heart melts, even now, as I write this ... I needed a touch so badly from my Heavenly Father ~ and received more than I could have fathomed that night in that little room.  God bless you all, VERY much, and I pray that I will be able to meet up with you again some day.  Thank you, especially, Laura.  ~ Sue from Oregon, USA

Ok...Don't do this to me, Laura!  Your song, Where Shadows Passed, takes my breath face is drenched with tears laying across my bed.  I came home tonight and my lungs were feeling bad. I layed across my bed and found this FaceBook post.  Seriously... it felt like wind blowing through my lungs as I listened.  I wasn't expecting this but my lungs are totally clear now.  

Every breath you give us, Laura, is a breath from God.  I am not kidding. you give us the raw authentic stripped down you and its powerful. You don't have a are the gift. That's what's so special about you and your're married to each other... one with who God has made you to be... I love that!    ~ Kymberly from California, USA

I am so happy to have been able to download your cd. Every time I am soaking with this music, God speaks to my heart very deep down, so much that the last two day I really have sensed a change in my walk with the Father.  I am so much happier about having such a wonderful Daddy. I really had some heart (and I hope and believe life-) changing revelations about the love of God! Thank you sooooo much, because I have been soaking for two years and it has been o.k., but now I got a kick, I am so happy about it!!!!!!!!

Keep going, Laura, your anointing is for people like me!! I had no father and my stepfather hasn't been able to show any love or affection towards me. I also didn't grow up with my mother, so I have spent over 14 years of searching for the love of God.  I have been hungry and I am hungry forever for God, but I feel like I have come home and I am loved like a princess. It feels so good.  ~ Iris from Germany

I just listened to your song, Bright Blue Butterflies, with tears streaming (&speechless) as I tried to get ready to leave the house. I was caught up in the wonder of our Lord's mysterious love & how He was so gracious in showing you "more" than you could have imagined in the natural.  Beautiful.  From now on, I'll only listen if I plan on staying home : ) Thanks for sharing, lovely one.

~ Missy from Tennessee, USA

You ministered to me once in Toronto. It was caught on video that I kept. It saved my marriage through a very traumatic time. After years of spiritual abuse, yours and the Rivera's music is the music I know I can trust. Thank you, Laura.

~ Holly from Canada

Thank you Laura! We too, have been in nearly 12 years now and just seeing some breakthrough...thank you for standing in the midst of the storm and carrying on no matter what as Father has held you in His arms!  Thank you for the music that brings hope and healing and building faith to many!  You are loved outrageously!   ~Deborah from Florida, USA

My heart is so deeply filled with gratitude for the way The Lord brought your album across my path in 2009, when JoAnn McFatter, Paul Keith Davis, and Randy Domain were in South Africa. I bought your album Soaking Journeys, and I listened and wept every time I put it on, almost non- stop for 2 years. Often late into the night , I would have it on repeat and into the early hours of the morning...not even holding on at times but HE NEVER let's go...grieving until my physical heart felt it could take no more.  Your voice was washing the truth over and over and over like a balm...and as I drank deep of my I tasted of His Goodness...I saw that HE is GOOD...HE pulled me deeper and closer until I could smell the fragrance of MY KING...The LILY of THE VALLEY...what the enemy sought to use to completely destroy me...THE LORD is making new...HE is everything that I desire...JESUS so Beautiful so PURE...thank you Laura!   ~ Kate from South Africa

One evening last Fall, I ended up placing Laura's, The Soaking Room Vol 1, on as I have before.  This time, is was not only the presence of worship that accompanied the music, but the Lord Himself ministered to me.  I felt him physically in my home and fell into a deep "sleep" where I felt Him very close to me--like I was lying on His chest.  It was as if He was washing me with Laura's words and music.  I woke an hour later with rivers of peace (overshadowing all my anxiety) and felt the deepest healing from the inside out.  I knew I had been in the tangible presence of the Lord. 

That evening has been the critical turning point for so many other events we have had to face. The unquenchable faith that has carried us to this point has been undeniable.   Peace and Grace are all over the place.  I have a deeper experience of intimacy that has positioned my heart to honor and rely on the Goodness of the Lord when it looks so different otherwise.  I know He's with us and will never leave us!  It's been a road both personal, corporate, and sovereign.  Thank you thank you thank you!  It only continues as The Soaking Journeys album has again wrecked me and brought me even closer to my Father and His love for me and everything that concerns my heart!    ~ Chrissy from Texas, USA



Just wanted to say that I just got your cd in the mail a few days ago and it has been so awesome to listen. There has been such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit over my times with the Lord when I listen to it. I love it ! Thank you for being sensitive to the Lord and letting Him sing through you to the people......powerful. powerful worship CD.......awesome..I love it ! I can't stop listening to it. Wonderful ministry!   ~ Kelli from North Carolina, USA

I am from the city of Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa and I have been touched by your gift.  I attended a Ladies Retreat and was exposed to your music there. I was so blessed and touched by it. For 40 minutes I could just sit at the feet of God and be touched by Him. This is the perfect CHRISTmas gift.  Blessings!    ~ Lulu from South Africa

Everyone that listens to your C.D. with me gets blessed. I have used it to accompany me a few weeks ago when I taught a workshop for teens at a youth conference. They loved it and were encountering the father's love...weeping and crying. Thank you!   Julia from California, USA

The Holy Spirit is TRULY flowing through Laura and she is clearly HEARING the Voice of the Father and of Jesus... just listening to the tracks made tears run down my cheeks and I SAW the Father and had an encounter with Him in a short minute! The Glory that JESUS gave us, who believe in Him, to BE One with the Father, is on this project... His Glory came down and reconciled man to the Father so that God and man could now be man with God... Selah.  ~William – Georgia, USA

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