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The Remembering
$995  FREE shipping
30" x 48" x 1.5" mixed media on canvas.
This abstract painting is a representation of a dream I had a few years ago. I was walking deep in a forest and the trees suddenly came to Life around me as if they were beckoning me to dance.  It impacted me in a very deep way because it came at time when I felt forgotten and like I was completely unseen. I truly believe in those sacred moments where everything, even our dreams, align just to remind us of the eternal Beauty that is within, though the mind tries to suppress, but the heart always knows.
This has a very neutral palette. The almost dreamlike shades shades of aqua and gray invite you into a wide open space of remembrance and reconnection with your deepest dreams and desires. The raised, "branch-like"texture created with acid free paper and modeling paste is highlighted with metallic gold paint. 
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